“Tanya and Tricia, You did an outstanding job presenting the material. You were engaging and knowledgeable. I felt it was well worth my time and that of my staff and volunteers. You have grounded this workshop in scripture and emphasized its importance in the healing process, which is so wonderful to see and hear. I really appreciated how strong you stood biblically.

I would highly recommend this as a mandatory part of the advocate training for every pregnancy center.”  – Jennylynn Olson, Executive Director of Bridges Pregnancy Clinic & Care Center

“I learned so much! I feel very prepared to help people process grief of any kind.” – Natalie

“It was a joy to have Tanya walk us through some of the principles of biblically helping people through grief, particularly the very common forms of reproductive loss/grief experienced by so many people.” –  Pastor C. Ritter

I really enjoyed the course. This is my first course like this and I am walking away from this class feeling educated and equipped.” – Chellis

Great job ladies! I really enjoyed the case studies and the questions you asked regarding them. It was engaging and kept the focus. Thank you for feeding into my life today and sharing great knowledge and encouragement with us. Praying for you as you continue to share this with the world 🙂 – Carolyn

words of affirmation

We are grateful for our trainees!

I’m a trained teacher and have both participated and led tons of these types of classes/seminars. And this (Help to Hope) was very well done. The content, the varied pedagogical methods, Tanya’s pastoral heart, and the case studies were impactful and moving. This was professional and relational. 

Associate Pastor

Having done a secular grief course that was very informative, this was a great addition as our center is faith based. This was the missing piece in all the other grief training I have had that helps frame it up with the foundation I want my ministry to have, the reliance on the truth of God’s Word being the basis of all healing and useful for all. I thank you ladies for your heart for the grieving women and men out there and the dedication to make this training a reality. I look forward to incorporating this into our training and continuing education of volunteers and staff.


Pregnancy Clinic Manager

I was very pleased with the training, especially to see how Christ-centered it is. True healing isn’t possible without Christ, and it’s important to have a biblical framework for going through loss with others.


Hotline Volunteer

Everything went well. I’ve never heard about this subject. Everything was new and helpful.


Church Member

I loved the workshop. What a blessing that it is so God-centered! You are both steeped in Christ and a passion for this ministry, you know what you know in Christ. There is wisdom and compassion in you for this ministry, that only God can endow. God Bless you and your organization.


Pregnancy Clinic Staff Member

I loved it. I’m inspired and empowered to hear the Holy Spirit through this ministry.


Church Volunteer

I really appreciate your tie into scripture, as well as the relevant case stories of clients.


Pregnancy Clinic Staff Member

This class was awesome and you two are like TNT! On Fire 🙂



Wonderful course! I truly appreciated the heart and care of the instructors. Their commitment to the sufficiency of Scripture was refreshing. I wish all church leaders could hear the wisdom they have to share. You’re on the right track. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Cheryl Braden

Life Tribe, Founder

I felt like I shouldn’t just give excellent on every response, but it was such a good and encouraging course.


Church Volunteer

I thought the course went well! The biblical knowledge and application really impressed me.


Pregnancy Clinic Staff Member

Very good, very informative. Love the Biblical aspect of the class.


Pregnancy Clinic Volunteer

Love this!! Loved the teaching and the stories made it come to life.


Educator | Church Relations Director

Everything was excellent and I loved the interaction. Well structured, and organized, informative!


Biblical Counselor Trainee

You both were excellent trainers! I have been praying and looking for great training programs to be a part of on-boarding new leaders to my ministry.  RLN will be my #1 resource.  Every faith-based organization dealing with trauma or grief surrounding pregnancy should take this training. Through case studies, scriptural support, knowledgeable leaders, and group discussion my eyes were opened to the many losses surrounding reproductive grief.

Mindy Lefaucheur

An Even Place, Founder