Suggested Resources to Care Biblically and Compassionately

The Reproductive Loss Network strives to build strong partnerships and provide biblical resources to expand care to those grieving. We have curated this page with you in mind, hoping we can encourage and equip you in the ministries you provide.

We are grateful for you and the larger community of helpers who make it possible to refer and refresh one another as we care for those who grieve. We can’t be everything to everyone, but as one body, we can increase our support efforts and offer biblical hope and healing.

If you have a resource we have missed, we would love for you to let us know.

Please note we cannot account for all the theological views and beliefs of each organization as they may unknowingly change.
Upon time of listing, we considered them life-affirming resources who provide biblical grief care. 

Recommended Books

Grief-Related Devotionals

Online Resources

Gifts for the Grieving

Biblical Counseling Resources

Find a Biblical Counselor

Assocation of Biblical Counselors - ABC

ABC exists to enlist, equip, enrich and encourage people everywhere to live and counsel the Word, applying the Gospel to the whole experience of life.

Assocation of Christian Biblical Counselors - ACBC

Speaking the Truth in Love

We seek to strengthen the Church to speak the truth in love by providing a quality training and certification process, a global network of like-minded individuals and institutions, and a source of practical and biblical resources for the Church.

In short, we seek to bring biblical solutions for the problems people face, upholding that the method God has given to do this is truth in love.

Biblical Counseling Coalition - BCC

The BCC exists to multiply the ministry of the biblical counseling movement by strengthening churches, para-church organizations, and educational institutions through promoting unity and excellence in biblical counseling.

Our mission is to foster collaborative relationships and to provide robust, relevant biblical resources that equip the Body of Christ to change lives with Christ’s changeless truth through the personal ministry of the Word.

All that we do flows from our calling to empower the biblical counseling movement to equip people to love God and one another in Christ-centered ways.

We pursue this purpose by organizing our thinking around one central question: “What does it mean to counsel in the grace and truth of Christ?”

Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation - CCEF

Restoring Christ to counseling and counseling to the church

The aim of CCEF is to consider how caring for people’s souls can be increasingly wise and helpful. This is sometimes identified as biblical counseling. We intend this not as a protected trademark but as a body of work to which many contribute. It describes the troubles we face, how those troubles are experienced, how God speaks to us during those troubles, and how we help each other with wisdom and love.

The Institute for Biblical Counseling & Discipleship - IBCD

IBCD (The Institute for Biblical Counseling & Discipleship) exists to strengthen churches in one another care.

We serve organizations and individuals who share a passion to see believers equipped through life’s struggles with the Word of God. We do this by offering training through our Care & Discipleship program, as well as offering counseling resources, events and free resources that are helpful to anyone interested in learning how to better help others.

Fieldstone Counseling

We’re a ministry dedicated to biblically-based, Christ-centered, and clinically informed counsel.

We serve individuals, couples, and families as well as providing seminars and workshops for local churches and organizations. We exist and desire to help all come to know Jesus Christ and grow in their personal faith.


Abortion Recovery Network: RLN Episodes

 The Impact of the Bible on Your Ministry

Tanya and Tricia join the Abortion Recovery Network to talk about the importance of daily bible study and the impact it has on our ministry. 

Helping with Miscarriage Loss in Abortion Recovery Groups and the False Teaching of Self-Forgiveness

Tanya and Abortion Recovery Network discuss miscarriage loss and how to have that conversation within the framework of an abortion recovery group and forgiving self.

The Language of Empathy and Helpers Who Have Not Experienced a Reproductive Loss

The Abortion Recovery Network and Tricia discuss meeting women right where they are regarding the varying kinds of reproductive losses possible, the language of empathy, how we can care for her in a bigger way, and the importance of including co-leaders who do not have abortion in their past.

Our Book Reviews

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Stories of Hope

An Immutable God in the Face of Grief

An Immutable God in the Face of Grief

I never wanted to be a statistic. My past experiences volunteering for pregnancy centers and my community of Christian women led me to understand the realities of miscarriage from an early age. And I knew the data – 1 in 4. My husband and I were overjoyed when we...

Everything In Me Said Abortion is Wrong

Everything In Me Said Abortion is Wrong

Everything in me said abortion was wrong, but I charged forward with really bad advice, from even worse friends, and I went through with it anyway. March 29, 1985 was the day of my most regrettable mistake. I was nineteen years old…

New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp

New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp

Wouldn’t it be great to believe today could be an invitation for a fresh start? What if there was a book that offered daily reminders of that possibility? I’d read it! If you thought I was describing the Bible, you’re absolutely right. We should always start there for...

Abortion – For Our Readers

Abortion – For Our Readers

By sharing our stories of hope and healing, we offer an exceptional gift to another. So often, in times of suffering and pain, we benefit from knowing we are not alone. Our words can make a significant difference to someone who needs to hear a Biblical perspective of...