Welcome to the Shadows

This submission is from a dear friend who expresses the grief of her reproductive loss journey through poetry.

It lingers in the shadows.
It remains just under the surface.
Present on every major occasion,
holiday and transition.
If we are not careful
we can miss it all together.
Like a transformer it shape shifts, heaviness, frustration,
jealousy, sadness, anger, irritation….
But when we are still, and we allow our hearts to be known,
Out of the shadows its true form is shown
It’s not a monster at all,
when you turn on the lights
In fact, we see it’s been with us all our life.


It is the little and the big ways
this life is not what I thought
The many and few ways
I regret the cards I got

It is the crushed expectations
And dreams of what could be
It is carrying a vision
That only I can see

Hope is a necessity
For a well lived life
But it requires a gap
That cuts like a knife

So, a suggestion if I may
To move us right along
Grief will linger still
But that doesn’t make it wrong

Grief simply exposes
what we know is true
We weren’t made for this world
(There is nothing wrong with you)

So we learn from its presence
We invite it to the table
We remember that were human
And accept that we are not able

Not able to control
this world that we live in
The brokenness around us
Or the story were given.

But there is one who is greater
And He is a the helm
Aware of every twist and turn
In the seen and unseen realm

The picture is so much bigger
Than the naked eye can bare
As the God of the universe
Meets us with tender loving care

Embracing our humanity
Both the highs and the lows
Is kinship with Jesus
At depths only He knows

For, why would a need a comforter,
a counselor and friend
if the American dream
was the goal at the end?

But a greater invitation
Has been issued in our name
A truly abundant life
Not void of grief and pain

It is in the midst the shadows
We discover that we’re not alone
Capture a greater vision
And remember—this is not our home.